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Wald Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Black Bison WALD 1 Wald Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

We agree, it’s a daft idea placing a physique kit on a Rolls Royce. But don’t forget wherever the money is these days, what sort of individuals can afford a Roller.

I indicate rappers, footballers, Arabs,… they truly enjoy autos styled like this Wald RR Drophead. They really don’t mind the stupid bumpers, the stunningly vulgar 20-one thing rims, or the ridiculous side skirts which appear more at house on a 1992 Honda Civic. Whatever gets them witnessed is welcome.

So tuners like Wald maintain producing such kits since people spend excellent income for them.

Even now, Wald seems to have gone a bit too far with this a single. For starters, the Drophead is a really particular car and they could have at least modified the Black Bison to look a bit various than the 1 they place on the Nissan V36. And I’m sorry, but a boot-lid spoiler on a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead? That’s just wrong!

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Day 1: Roar Before the 24 Hr Of Daytona – Grand-AM

Daytona Beach Florida was alive with the sound of the BMW I6 and the rumble of the massive BMW V8. All of the teams from the Grand-Am Rolex and Continental Tire Series were in town to test their autos on the substantial banks of Daytona Speedway. Preparation for the 50th operating of the historic race has been going on considering that the finish of final season but this weekend is the initial official sessions of the season.

BMW was well represented in all the categories from the big Daytona Prototypes to the Street Tuner class of the Continental Tire Series. Soon after a profitable season in all classes, which includes a championship season from the Dinan S62 V8 driven 01 Telmex/Ginassi/Rilex, the teams had been at it again as they explored infield grip and just how higher you can run on the banked corners of the historic speedway.

2011 daytona 06 655x436 Day 1: Roar Before the 24 Hr Of Daytona – Grand AM

Full Timing/Outcomes offered by means of Grand-Am Directly –

Get pleasure from the photographs from Friday and really don’t forget to examine back for Saturday and Sunday’s coverage as effectively as a wrap up of the weekend! Hope to see lots of Blue/White and the ///M Stripes in Daytona from BMW race fans at the 24 Hour event!

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Dale Earnhardt Jr.s #88 NASCAR Monte Carlo For Sale

8494bcdente carlo 3 Dale Earnhardt Jr.s #88 NASCAR Monte Carlo For Sale

If you are a die challenging NASCAR or Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, you might want to start digging about for $ 79,900. Up for sale is JR Motorsports vehicle quantity ten, which was also a single of Dale’s very first stock autos to put on his now infamous #88.

The 2007 Chevy Monte Carlo is a race-prepared auto, but was retired following only a single race to join Jr.’s National Hot Rod Tour. Lately, the Monte Carlo was bought by a private party. That particular person then had it serviced and ran it for three laps at Carolina Motorsports Park with the American Vintage Racing Association (AVRA). Now you can very own the automobile, and with it a membership in the AVRA total with true track time and full track support.

The exterior of the automobile is rather self explanatory, but below the hood is a entirely built 358-cubic inch SB2 V8 powerplant with 725-hp. Beyond that is just a whole lot of race-all set engineering that’s gone into the chassis (constructed by Ronnie Hopkins), suspension, and there is no mistaking the gutted interior total with a NASCAR-spec roll cage.

 Dale Earnhardt Jr.s #88 NASCAR Monte Carlo For Sale Dale Earnhardt Jr.s #88 NASCAR Monte Carlo For Sale Dale Earnhardt Jr.s #88 NASCAR Monte Carlo For Sale Dale Earnhardt Jr.s #88 NASCAR Monte Carlo For Sale Dale Earnhardt Jr.s #88 NASCAR Monte Carlo For Sale Dale Earnhardt Jr.s #88 NASCAR Monte Carlo For Sale

[Source: RK Motors]

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Mercedes E Superlight cuts almost half a ton off E-Class’ weight

mercedes f125 concept b Mercedes E Superlight cuts almost half a ton off E Class’ weight

Mercedes is recognized for creating a auto for every niche, unfilled niches and niches Mercedes has invented in the same way that Apple continues to pull off similar feats. In 2008, if the average consumer were asked if they desired a massive iPhone that doesn’t make telephone calls for a lot more money (the iPad), they would have fired off a resounding no with a condescending chuckle.

Now, many enjoy them the situation is comparable with the new Mercedes E Superlight. Mercedes has taken the reliably selling E-Class and reinvented it, shaving almost a half a ton off the authentic curb weight. The expense for this fuel cell driven carbon fiber E is going to be someplace in between the CLS and the S-Class, so do not count on them to grow on trees.

Automobiles this kind of as the CLS and the Audi A7 are visually spectacular to many, and this most most likely translates to their good results in techniques that the rather foul BMW 5er GT has failed. This new Merc appears to achieve related feats if the artist’s rendition is any indication of points to come.

Technically what we are hunting at is a four door coupe, which thanks to the carbon fiber, gets away without a B-pillar: assume of the present E coupe or the W124 E coupe but with suicide rear doors and an airy feel with all windows rolled down.

When? you say, most most likely by 2015, and by 2017 Mercedes expects to move 20,000 examples. Mercedes indicates for this to be the gateway drug into the fuel cell world only time will inform as to the feasibility of this several fuel cell autos and of program fueling stations. The vehicle might be beyond notion stage, but if Mercedes chooses to drop the fuel cell in favor of a classic or hybrid system, it nonetheless really should be a good results offered the aforementioned body design.

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Report: Next Lexus ES will be the Buick LaCrosse ‘laughable’

lexus es 2011 b Report: Next Lexus ES will be the Buick LaCrosse ‘laughable’

Buick absolutely stepped in it when they named a North American vehicle the “LaCrosse”, a French Canadian Freudian slip for masturbation, but now it looks that the innocuous supplying could be in additional problems as the next Lexus ES is set to supply many points that the Buick doesn’t.

The expanding new ES, could just be a tarted up Camry, but Lexus (are rumored to) say that the vehicle will be the quietest automobile that they have ever made. Fuel economic system is stated to be outstanding too with a hybrid edition offering high 40s on the highway and touching the 50s in the city.

Verify out far more news on the Lexus ES.

The subsequent ES is set to show up in dealerships as a 2013 model. Will this make GM kill off Buick in the way that Ford killed off Mercury? Most likely not, but it will give them something to feel about.

- By: Sawyer Sutton

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2013 Ford Mondeo leaked ahead of Detroit debut

The all-new Ford Fusion has been leaked on the web ahead of its worldwide unveiling at this week’s 2012 North American International Automobile Show in Detroit.

The handsome mid-sized sedan is the most up-to-date vehicle developed underneath the worldwide A single Ford approach, in which a single basic style per car form is sold close to the world. The new Fusion will be renamed Mondeo for Europe and Australia, and will replace the present model in neighborhood showrooms in 2013.

2013 ford mondeo leak 2 625x446 2013 Ford Mondeo leaked ahead of Detroit debut

The two photos of the red auto (leaked by Czech web site Auto Forum) reveal a style heavily influenced by the Ford Evos concept from final year’s Frankfurt motor display.

The overall physical appearance is a lot more purposeful and athletic than the model it replaces. A long, contoured bonnet backs pointed, aggressive headlights, which flank an Aston Martin-esque grille.

2013 ford mondeo app leak 625x337 2013 Ford Mondeo leaked ahead of Detroit debut

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Drugs and Driving

cannabis leaf Blog 440x458 Drugs and Driving

Photo by Michel Porro/Stringer/Getty Photos

The British Government is getting known as on to tighten legislation on drug use and driving.

Road security charity, Brake and Immediate Line Car Insurance are calling for the government to push by way of proposals on tackling drug driving, as a survey reveals one particular in nine young drivers (11%) has driven on illegal drugs in the past year.

The survey by Brake and Direct Line located that 3% of young drivers (age 17-24) explained they get behind the wheel after taking drugs as soon as a month or far more. Slightly more youthful drivers are admitting drug driving than 4 a long time ago, when one particular in 11 youthful drivers (9%) owned up to this potentially deadly behavior.

Distinct drugs impact men and women in different methods and the effects can last for days, at times without somebody realizing. Researchers at the University Claude Bernard in Lyon, France, found taking cannabis practically doubles the chance of getting involved in a fatal vehicle crash whilst mixing cannabis with alcohol increased crash chance 16-fold.

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