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Randomly Spotted: What is a Citroen XM and why is it in America?

Citroen XM Randomly Spotted: What is a Citroen XM and why is it in America?

I am 1 to get quite intrigued by rare, odd and uncommon cars. That said, I would typically locate myself snapping pictures of some of the “Easter Egg” discoveries that I would randomly stumble upon in the course of my travels. Then at the day’s end, I’d be sharing it with my car-associated close friends, discussing the oddity at hand. But simply because I also create for a auto weblog, I thought I’d begin a minor section of mine and share some of my findings. Welcome, to what I phone egmCarTech’s Randomly Spotted.

To kick this one off, I was operating about my standard business in the rich suburbs of New Jersey when I stumbled upon this (pictured). And to peak my interest, it is a Frenchie mobile! In America!

What I had in front of me was a Citroen XM, a French vehicle that was designed and developed to compete against the likes of the BMW five-Series and the Audi one hundred, back in 1989. And I know that this is not a fancy Ferrari or a super uncommon and collectible Mercedes. But it’s not often to see a French car operating about in this portion of the melting pot we contact, Earth.

For these who’ve never heard of Citroen, I’ll give you a small background. There truly really should be no surprise if some of you have never heard of organizations like Peugeot, Citroen, Renault. French automobiles never ever precisely took off in this nation. Recognized to be worse to personal than your grand-pop’s old Jaguar and far much more underdeveloped, French automobile manufacturers packed up their bags and left the US marketplace rather speedily in the 1980s. This was caused by the rise of foreign competition and an ever so changing marketplace demand place the Frenchies at all kinds of disadvantages. And there’s a purpose: French autos just by no means actually worked. Fiat left this country back in 1984 for nearly the identical causes.

But either way, that’s why I locate this discovery actually fascinating. The Citroen XM was pegged as the 2nd successor to the renowned and extensively popular Citroen DS, which was first succeeded by the CX. And despite the tumultuous reputation that any French brand has, the Citroen XM was, at initial, was quite nicely received…key emphasis on “at first.”

In 1990, the XM was handed the award for the European Vehicle of the Year in 1990 and gained nearly twice as many votes over the 2nd spot winner, the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. Citroen—who was at the time owned by Peugeot and nevertheless is—expected to ship out 150,000 XMs all through Europe. Although that never ever actually happened and the XM was never really marketed in the US. But a firm acknowledged to import selected Citroens for the loyalists in the US, had imported a decide on amount of XMs. But due to the fact it fetched a hefty price of $ 50,000 large in 1993, only a number of offered. So this is probably a single of the number of. And to my surprise, it was in relatively clean form.

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Discovery Channel’s “The Kustomizer” Builds Pool-Table Car

IMG 7279 thumb 717x436 112120 Discovery Channels The Kustomizer Builds Pool Table Car

 Triangle Billiards and “Huge Daddy Vini a.ka. The Kustomizer” have teamed up to build this…thing. It is a “completely drive-ready, one particular-of-a-kind 100 mph Pool Table Automobile.”

Do you want to view a body fat guy perform with a measuring tape although wearing sunglasses at night? Want to watch some customizers, sorry, Kustomizers, chop a Chevy Monte Carlo in half and add casters rather of a back finish? Want a regulation pool table that’s in fact a auto? Want a automobile that’s small more than a pool table delivery gadget?

The Kustomizer understands you do and has obliged.


Categories: Chevrolet,Tuners and Modifications

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Configure Your Very Own Spider 458 Online

458 Spider Car Configurator exterior Configure Your Very Own Spider 458 Online

Now you can configure your quite own Spider 458 with Ferrari’s most current web-based mostly supercar configurator that is live on the Italian auto manufacturer’s web site.

You can pick from a amount of distinct specifications starting with the exterior and working your way into the interior of the automobile. Exterior alternatives incorporate paint colour (with a variety of metallic, non-metallic and 1950′s colours) rims, break calipers, tyres and carbon fibre choices. The interior becomes more thrilling with interior colouring and supplies, seats and design, carpets, interior trim and other interior possibilities including infotainment system, rev counter and carbon fibre trim to decide on from.

Once you are satisfied with your Spider, a summary of your dream supercar is presented. You can also pick between an open or closed best and can take a snapshot of the final item. Consumers also have the capacity to evaluate a configuration to any another that is designed.

As prolonged as you’re not too unproductive, give it a try!

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Audi’s Super Bowl Spot Highlights the 2013 Audi S7 and LED Tech

2013 Audi S7 3 thumb 530x353 17549 Audis Super Bowl Spot Highlights the 2013 Audi S7 and LED Tech
Audi has released some of the details about its new 60 second spot that will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012. The upcoming 60 second spot will focus on Audi’s LED headlights and the 2013 Audi S7.

“With LED, there’s no mistaking an Audi. Since pioneering the technology nearly ten years ago, LED lights have established the Audi persona have become one of the most recognizable features on the road,” said Scott Keogh, Chief Marketing Officer, Audi of America. “Like our LEDs, this year’s Super Bowl spot will be unmistakably Audi.”

The high-performance version of the A7 five-door coupe, the S7 is powered by a new 4.0L TFSI V8 that generates 420 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. The S7 will reach 0-62 mph in 4.9 seconds and has an electronically-limited top speed of 155 mph.

This is the fifth consecutive time that Audi has created a spot for the Super Bowl.

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Bentley Eyes Jay-Z, Samuel L. Jackson and Other High-Profile Maybach Customers

Untitled 1 Bentley Eyes Jay Z, Samuel L. Jackson and Other High Profile Maybach Customers
Soon after Daimler announced that it is killing off its failed Maybach brand to focus on the following Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Bentley immediately started eyeing up Maybach’s clients this sort of as music singer/producer Jay-Z (who, incidentally, destroyed one particular in a video), King of Spain Juan Carlos, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and the Sultan of Brunei.

“The withdrawal of Maybach is a company opportunity for us and we’re going to use it,” Bentley CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer told Reuters for the duration of the Detroit Motor Display

Duerheimer extra that he would invite current Maybach owners for VIP tours in Bentley’s Crewe factory as he wishes to generate “a particular welcome zone” inside the brand.

Of program, Bentley’s former owner Rolls-Royce is also in the game. Even even though a firm representative said that the British brand would “naturally welcome any present Maybach customers”, he noted that they wouldn’t be as aggressive. “Seeking them out and hunting them down is not the Rolls-Royce way,” explained the firm spokesman.

The US$ 380,000 Rolls Royce Phantom is only $ 30,000 more pricey than the entry-degree Maybach but substantially cheaper than the $ 500k 62S (sans choices) owned by Jay Z.

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Mitsubishi Canada Milestones

Mitsubishi is expanding well-liked in Canada. Proof of that is the great mood of Shin Fujioka, President and CEO of the Canadian Mitsubishi branch: “We ended 2011 with a 5.two % improve over the previous year, and we broke the 20,000–vehicle mark for the first time.  This is a aim that we are specifically proud of and one particular that gives us self-confidence that Canadians are embracing Mitsubishi’s autos and crossover models. This is fairly an achievement and says a great deal about the top quality of our Mitsubishi items and our tough- working dealers.”

Far more good reasons to celebrate come when we take a appear at the Global Small Auto Idea which made its debut in Canada earlier on. It is a vehicle created to keep reasonably priced, green and lightweight. At the exact same time it is in fact a five-door, 5-passenger sedan. Power comes in the type of a 1. three-cylinder engine that has fuel sipping characteristics such as a brake energy storing. Transmission lineup is rather normal: a 5-speed manual or a continuously variable 1. In Japan, that very same tiny-platform car has been revealed as a manufacturing model and goes underneath the name – Mirage. Hopes are up there that it will do 3.3L/100km. Thailand will get the taste of it first and then the rest of the world. In Canada sales are anticipated to start in 2013.

Another thrilling highlight was that of the new 2012 Lancer SE. It has a multitude of wise-tronic gadgets (resembling the ones in the yet again popular RVR and Outlander) to keep the Lancer’s AWD chassis on the road.

All-electric debuts have been also celebrated – in 2011, the initial Canadian 2012  i-MiEV was provided to Ross Redman, a Winnipeg guy, who invested 5 years on a waiting list for it. Now that is dedication.

Source: Mitsubishi

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John Phillips: One Superfast Summer as a Superslow PR Guy

In 1985, when I was 32 years outdated, I was a public-relations guy for Jack Roush [see “What I’d Do Differently”]. For the entirety of that year, it became my challenge to make Jack laugh. I could generally get him to smile but tiny much more, in part simply because he was colossally busy. He had entered two Ford Mustangs in IMSA’s GTO division and three Mercury Capris in the SCCA’s Trans-Am.

My routine with the group (then acknowledged as Roush Protofab) was borderline abusive. I’d fly to the racetrack each and every Thursday, organize press interviews on Friday by way of Sunday, then fly home Monday. On Tuesday, I’d sleep 20 hours and sob for the other 4. On Wednesday, I was back in the office (at Roush’s Livonia, Michigan, headquarters) rewriting press kits that would travel with me the next day to the up coming track. That routine repeated perhaps 20 occasions. My girlfriend left me. I began dating a Northwest Orient clerk I met at O’Hare.

That summer, the Trans-Am Capris have been vicious tiny factors, with cammed-up V-8s whose innards only Jack had touched or viewed. He’d operate on elaborate intake manifolds and carry them about in a blanket, like a child. Jack admitted that the five.-liter Capri engines created “at least” 550 horsepower at 8200 rpm. Under total throttle, they barked out a exclusive large-frequency harmonic that was more 3.-liter Ferrari than small-block Ford. Up close, the shape of the Capri was incredible—as in not credible. The roof was much more or less proportionately right, but every other Kevlar panel appeared to have been melted, warped, and downsized in a wind tunnel. If you stood much more than about 4 feet tall, you looked down on the roof.

Our drivers incorporated Chris Kneifel, Wally Dallenbach Jr., and Willy T. Ribbs, whose very first sentence to me was, “My middle preliminary stands for 3 factors: My mom calls me Theodore my brother calls me Tiger my dad calls me Difficulty.” Chris Economaki known as him the “Sepia Speedster.”

My workplace was above the fabrication shop, then headed by Gary Pratt, now of  Pratt &amp Miller. Gary oversaw the development of something like 27 tube-frame Capris and Mustangs that summer, and they were for sale to any person. I recall Peter Gregg’s widow, Deborah, walking into the shop to buy one. Jack sold a couple to Paul Newman, too, and insisted on getting paid by personal verify. “Newman doesn’t sign autographs,” Jack explained, “but now I have a single.”

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