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My used car is new

I’ve been sifting by way of on the internet classified utilised vehicle advertisements every day for the past month, and I’m nonetheless amazed at the things I go through in these cars’ descriptions, specifically as I’m hunting at automobiles offering for less than $ 2,000. Some are much more memorable than others. Test out the following:

Like new!
Yeah, right. The car’s received 260,000 km on the odo. The engine was replaced at 200k. The seats are ripped. The ashtray is full of cigarette butts. But it feels new.

Unusual model!
Dude, you’re selling a Nissan Sentra, what’s so unusual about it? Is it simply because it is painted in a colour no one particular needed when it was new?

Driven by an old lady on weekends!
This ancient sales pitch makes no difference to me as to regardless of whether a automobile has been brutally beaten or truly taken very good care of. You can be young and alert or old and, uh, skilled, and nonetheless hit a curb or rub a bumper in a parking lot. If anything, it’ll make me feel stupid looking at a automobile that initially pleased the geriatric crowd.

Mechanic’s particular!
A quite polite way to say that the auto is broken, or demands expensive or continuous repairs that the owner does not want to commit funds on. If I was a great mechanic, I’d get myself a actual rewarding project to operate on, not a really exhausted Dodge Neon.

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2012 Jeep Wrangler Manual Tested: Pentastar Power and the Right Transmission

tested logo large 2012 Jeep Wrangler Manual Tested: Pentastar Power and the Right Transmission

To hard-core loyalists, there is just a single genuine Jeep­—and the Wrangler is it. Sure, most of the Jeep lineup can hold going when the pavement ends, but not with the aplomb and determination of this gritty rig. More essential, none of these other so-called Jeeps have anything close to the Wrangler’s old-time testosterone ranges. We’re speaking seriously butch right here, as well as seriously all-terrain.

Yes, there are all sorts of civilizing characteristics. The Jeep has come a prolonged way because the Planet War II all-objective vehicle Basic George C. Marshall called “America’s biggest contribution to contemporary warfare.” Power windows probably wouldn’t have contributed considerably to modern warfare. Ditto air conditioning. Ditto Bluetooth connectivity. And Globe War II–era nav techniques were a thing you could fold up and stick in your pocket.

Nonetheless, the Jeep folks take pains to preserve the rugged Jeepish spirit of the original. Note the uncovered door and hood hinges. The readily removable doors. The exterior hood latches. Taillights that are not faired into the body shell. Front fenders that do not extend all the way down to the bumper—itself a distinct frontal element, rather than integrated with the front fascia.

And of course there is a manual transmission, and a manual shifter for the 4-wheel-drive transfer case. Jeep also offers a 5-speed automatic option—which we’ve recently tested—for people who prefer its rock-crawling ease, but the manual is what you need to have if you’re any sort of retro roughneck. Hey, how numerous automated-transmission Jeeps had been dodging Wehrmacht mortar rounds on Omaha Beach in 1944?

Six-Speed Exclusivity

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Video: Red Square Charity Car Show

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Red Square Charity Car Show Video: Red Square Charity Car Show

The annual Red Square Car Demonstrate took location final Saturday at the University of Washington in Seattle. As a collaborative work among social fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon, exclusive automobile dealer Cats Exotics, and premier auto detailing facility NorthWest Automobile Salon, the Red Square Car Display has been acknowledged to feature a broad spectrum of high end exotics, import tuners, and classic muscle automobiles.

The final edition had above 70 autos in attendance and was visited by more than three,000 spectators. And most essential, the organizers raised well more than $ 3,000 dollars for Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), an organization which helps injured and orphaned wildlife, offers sheltering and adopts homeless cats and canines, and educates individuals to make a far better world for animals and people.

Thanks to Jonathan Cats we obtained a excellent collection of images and a video showing the highlights of this occasion. These contains several supercars like Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and even a Koenigsegg. For more photographs go to the Facebook web page of Cats Exotics.

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Fiat Viaggio leaked ahead of Beijing motor show

3 teaser shots of the new Fiat Viaggio have been leaked ahead of the car’s official debut at this month’s Beijing motor demonstrate.

The photos – very first published by Russian web site Automobile Weblog – verify the Dodge Dart-based mostly Fiat Viaggio will have its very own distinct design.

The front-finish features a exclusive grille, bumper, lip spoiler, headlights and fog lights even though the rear details are even far more removed from its American sibling.

Fiat Viaggio 3 625x390 Fiat Viaggio leaked ahead of Beijing motor show

The taillights are separated by a boot lid design that incorporates new reflectors, a chrome strip across its width and space for the amount plate as a substitute of the Dodge Dart’s rear bumper location.

Chrome highlights also appear all around the grille, fog lights and window surrounds.

Fiat Viaggio 2 625x187 Fiat Viaggio leaked ahead of Beijing motor show

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2002 Toyota RAV4 EV: Enduringly Popular Electric Car On eBay

2002 toyota rav4 ev on ebay image plug in america 100388168 m 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV: Enduringly Popular Electric Car On eBay

2002 Toyota RAV4 EV on eBay. Picture: Plug In America

Some cars take time to squeeze their way into your affections. Others are pretty considerably perfect the 1st time about, with appeal that endures for numerous many years.

The original Toyota RAV4 EV is just this kind of a auto, for electric automobile fans. Toyota’s helpful tiny SUV with an electric drivetrain has been the excellent car for several drivers for over a 10 years, and used examples go for massive bucks on eBay.

In reality, there is a 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV up on eBay appropriate now–the proceeds of which will help EV advocacy group Plug In America.

The RAV4 was really donated to Plug In America, along with a charger. It wears its 74,395 miles well, though it does bear the inevitable dings and dents of a 10 years on the road.

Prospective purchasers will be glad to hear that the battery pack was reconditioned only two years ago by Toyota’s authorized service group, Battery MD, at a expense of $ six,500. All servicing has been carried out by Toyota, with records to show it.

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Maserati Confirmed Three New Models by 2015

Maserati Kubang Maserati Confirmed Three New Models by 2015

As component of their new strategic program to broaden the lineup and improve the volume, Maserati will launch three new models in three distinct marketplace segments. That is kinda of a huge deal for a little car maker like Maserati. The vehicles in question will consist of the new Kubang SUV, a mid-size sedan and the new Quattroporte. They are ought to boost Maserati’s production up to 50,000 automobiles a year by 2015.

The company’s future organizational and industrial construction plans deems the existing amenities in the city of Modena inadequate to implement individuals targets. The plant is confined by the city limits and can’t be expanded for the added production.

To get round this issue they have invested above 500 million Euro in upgrading the Fiat-owned Officine Automobilistiche Grugliasco plant (ex Bertone). This facility will later on on be employed to increase Alfa Romeo’s production as well. Design and style, advertising and marketing and distribution activities for the complete solution range, as properly as production of the GranTurismo and GranCabrio will continue to be at the Modena headquarters.

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Build your own 2013 Subaru BRZ

buildsubarubrz Build your own 2013 Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ followers here is the moment that you’ve all been waiting for – no you are not getting the likelihood to get a good deal on a BRZ – however, you can build your really very own BRZ and dream of parking it in your driveway.

Click right here for more news on the Subaru BRZ.

Subaru has just launched the BRZ’s on the web configurator so go over there and mess around with it.

Examine out the Subaru BRZ on-line configurator right here.

Refresher: The 2013 Subaru BRZ is powered by a 2. liter 4-cylinder boxer engine producing 200-hp at seven,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 151 lb-ft at 6,600 rpm. The engine is mated to either a 6-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. Prices start at $ 25,495.

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