All new 20 BMW models in 2015

Each new decade of any car company trying to market the order of 5 … 10 new models that will later be relevant again, at least five years. This list may include hybrids, electric cars and other options that are designed to completely transform the range of a particular brand.

2015 bmw All new 20 BMW models in 2015

In turn, the company BMW, 2015 is going to introduce about 20 new models, including the third and the first series, and the expected emergence of a brand new second series.

Supposedly BMW wants to offer a new sport hatchback, a compact version of the Sport Tourer, and Gran Turismo, as well as the BMW Z2 roadster and coupe, in addition, one should expect new products and MINI.

In most companies are still relatively confidently say 15 new models, which should appear in the next five years, but details are not yet available.

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