GM to import trio of Holden Commodores as Chevrolets?

General Motors’ Australian unit Holden is known for its rear-wheel drive vehicles, one of which the U.S. already sampled in the form of the Pontiac G8 before GM shed the brand.

Newly leaked internal documents suggest that GM is contemplating the return of as many as three variants of the Holden Commodore, with a sedan variant leading the way as the most likely, according to GMInsideNews.

Originally, leaked info suggested that a Commodore-based sedan would be coming stateside around 2012, but the latest internal memos suggest a launch date closer to 2014. The switch makes sense as Holden is expected to release the newest generation of the vehicle at that time, which would coincide with the U.S. launch as well.

That vehicle, codenamed “SS Sedan,” is already green-lit for production and sales in the U.S. according to documents obtained by GMI, where as the remaining two variants, the Holden Ute and SportWagon are not yet approved for U.S. consumption. The same documents suggest the Ute would come to market under the El Camino nameplate, but no name has been determined for the wagon.

All three models are based on the Zeta platform, which also happens to underpin the Chevrolet Camaro, which could aid in reducing development and production costs should GM decide to bring any or all of the variants to the U.S. market.

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