Hyundai to Mimic MINI Clubman’s 3-Door System for Veloster?

hyundai veloster right Hyundai to Mimic MINI Clubmans 3 Door System for Veloster?hyundai veloster left Hyundai to Mimic MINI Clubmans 3 Door System for Veloster?It definitely seems so. Autocar recently reported that the upcoming three-door Hyundai Veloster hatchback (official name yet to be announced) would carry three physical hinged doors, similar to the MINI Clubman’s mechanism.

If you examine the latest spy shots of the radical three-door hatchback closely, you will notice that the front doors are different lengths – the driver’s side being longer, for easier entry and exit, and the passenger side having a shorter door and a rearward-opening ‘suicide’ door.

But unlike the Clubman, the Veloster is expected to have the third door on the kerbside for both left-hand- and right-hand-drive markets. Mini was heavily criticised for leaving the Clubman’s rear passenger door on the wrong side when it re-engineered the car for right-hand-drive. Hyundai is expected to incur heavy retooling costs for its laudable attempt to appease both significant markets.

[Source: AutoExpress (Images)]

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