Volt Owners: Here’s Why Your Delayed Charging Failed

2011 chevrolet volt plugged into coulomb technologies 240v wall charging unit 100392869 m Volt Owners: Here’s Why Your Delayed Charging Failed

2011 Chevrolet Volt plugged into Coulomb Technologies 240V wall charging unit

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We have significantly enjoyed our 2011 Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric auto because its delivery early in January 2011, and it has witnessed a lot much more use than the Nissan Leaf battery electrical car that arrived about a month later on. 

However, 15 to 20 % of the time we’ve linked our Volt to the Coulomb 240-Volt wall charging station to charge itself late at night utilizing the delayed-charge setting, we would uncover that it had failed to charge when we came out in the subsequent morning.

At first, I believed the difficulty was some sort of mistake on my component regarding how I inserted the charging deal with. But we also utilised the Coulomb charging station with our Nissan Leaf, and we never skilled a charging failure with that automobile.

Right after more than a year of frustration, I concluded that the problem was between the Volt and the wall unit.

About two weeks ago, I had the Volt totally checked out by my regional servicing dealer (Hanlee’s Chevrolet in Davis, California), which identified no faults recorded in the Volt’s black box.

So now it seemed that the issue was found in the wall charger, so I sent in a dilemma report to the Coulomb site.

This is the response I received:

Working cooperatively with GM, Coulomb’s engineering team has recognized the root cause primarily based upon substantial testing in our lab with a Volt charging program and successful testing in the field with Volt clients making use of Coulomb charging stations.

coulomb technologies ct 500 electric vehicle charging station 100317387 s Volt Owners: Here’s Why Your Delayed Charging Failed

Coulomb Technologies CT-500 electrical automobile charging station

We have been in a position to characterize this dilemma as resulting from high-frequency ground currents induced by the Volt on-board charger and causing GFCI trips on the EVSE when its make contact with relay closes at the start off of a session or on closing the relay when instructed by the Volt battery management system.

This difficulty does not manifest itself on all Volt EVs, and takes place much more frequently when the Volt is set in delayed charge mode. In delayed charge mode, the Volt “wakes up” several instances per hour and instructs the charging station to near the speak to relay, thereby increasing the probability of a GFCI fault.

We made an engineering enhancement in our charging station to deal with this issue when charging with the Volt, and though not covered specifically beneath guarantee, Coulomb is providing for a limited time to change those Volt buyer units affected by this difficulty.

Clearly, any Volt proprietor with the Coulomb 240V residence wall-charging technique who has seasoned ANY failures to charge–especially with delayed-charging time settings–must make contact with Coulomb swiftly and report the issue in full detail.

Making use of delayed charging, for each expense and environmental motives, is one particular of the main rewards of electrical autos. No owner ought to have to avoid this alternative due to of a design shortcoming in a wall-charging station. 

If you have knowledgeable much more than a single this kind of failure to charge, it really is possible that you as well may have a technical difficulty in your Coulomb wall charger.


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